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EOC Oil Creek Padders

May 14, 2022 | 0 Minute Read

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Another great paddle!

Six members of the EOC experienced a wonderful paddle on Oil Creek Saturday.

There was (L. to R.) Lee N., Roger R., Alice D., Roger’s daughter Julie, Janet Y., and John M.

The depth was decent, the weather was perfect, the company and conversation was stellar, the scenery exquisite, and the wildlife comforting; we spied several paddlings of ducks and lots of geese (both in gaggles and in skeins and even a brood of goslings.

The biggest laugh of the day was when Roger just sat there at lunch shaking his head and lamenting, “Darn, what a bummer day. I could be home curled up reading a book.” NOT!

It was great paddling with all of you – thanks for the fun day.