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French Creek Kayak with Rog

May 19, 2021 | 2 Minute Read

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French Creek Kayak with Rog-Scroll Down and hit the Next button to view slide show and read the story below

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Twenty-three SWBs including Jack, Joe, Janet, Liz, George, John M., Milt, Lynne, Mark, Bob M., Allan, Micki, Annette, Wayne, Margaret, Cindy, John V., Marsha V., Bill, Steve, Y/T, Jean and Matt set a record today for the largest turn out of the season. We had only two unintentional swimmers on the float- no names but I can tell you that the water was refreshing. Other than the swimmers, wildlife consisted of a beautiful bald eagle and a deer at the put-in. The 8.4 mile paddle was a tad long but the day was beautiful under sunny skies. Water level was good at 2.6' with only a minimum of groundings. John V., George and Y/T caused a bit of confusion in taking a difficult side-channel without telling anyone. By the time we cleared the gravel bars and dead falls we intended to rejoin the group on the main body of the creek. But not to be- no paddlers were in sight so the three of us paddled like crazy to catch up. After several miles it was obvious that we were not going to catch up and stopped to rest. Lo and behold the group showed up 30 minutes later as they were BEHIND us all the time. Lesson learned- exploring is OK if someone from the main body has an idea of where the explorers went. A Little bit of confusion and some worrying could have been saved. -Rog