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The Sugar Lake Paddle

July 20, 2022 | 2 Minute Read

The Sugar Lake Paddle-Scroll Down and hit the Next button to view slide show,read the story below.

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The uniform the day was long sleeves and panama hats. It wasn't especially hot but the sun was strong enough to fry exposed flesh. In addition to Y/T, Alice, Shirley, Milt, Bob S.,,Brenxda S., Mary, Steve, Kathy, David, Janet and Judy Y. , we enjoyed the company of new SBW Peggy..

The F&G access was super with a fine gravel bottom on a very gentle slope. But the parking lot sucks with most of the lot taken up with trucks and trailers. The trek to the beaver dam was sorta short, prompting Shirly to mention that the paddle should at least be as long as trip to the put-in.

The dam is still there and low enough (2ft.) to allow passage over, but that would raise the problem of climbing over it on the return. We let the beavers alone and saved them a repair job. Now there's no reason to hit a rock on the lake or the swamp, but I did. Other paddlers told the group to stay right but I was too interested in The Church of the Double Blade and missed the warnings. Fugly now has a fresh divot in her bottom.

The folks who dined apres paddle found J.Is' to be as good as any and better than most. Their menu includs a great variety of $6 appetizers along with reasonably priced entrees. -Rog