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Kayaking Lagoons at Presque Isle

August 10, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

Kayaking Lagoons at Presque Isle-Scroll Down and hit the Next button to view slide show,read the story below.

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Hi all! What a delightful paddle 11 of us had today on this gorgeous, perfect day! Thank you to all who went, including some new (to me) faces. It was fun to be with you: Bob, Brenda, Izzy, Mary Beth, Steve, Brian, John with the beautiful homemade boat, Julie Lemoch, Joe, Jack, and me.

We did the lagoon circle, thanks to Izzy’s helpful guidance with a plan. This was new to me, although most of the others were familiar with it- lagoons, marina, bay around Perry Monument and return to over a dozed turtles on lagoons! It was fun to experience calm water with Blue Herons, an eagle, a Green Heron and Osprey. Brenda pointed out the huge beaver dams heading toward the marina. So much to see and enjoy! The bay was calm with many people in the park at Perry Monument.

Lisa M