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Erie Outing Club Summer Picnic

August 21, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

Erie Outing Club Summer Picnic-Scroll Down and hit the Next button to view slide show,read the story below.

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Great picnic. Great food! Great company. Nice turnout. Many thanks to Jackie D for all the work and time she put into the affair to make it so nice. Also Tim & Kayś assistance with the chicken and meatballs. As usual, so much good food many of us ate more than we needed to but chose not to resist! The ticket auction of donated recycled items was a hit- thank you Mary Beth for the idea and the event.

Jackie´s organization was a hard act to follow, but think about volunteering, with a friend or two, to host/organize next yearś picnic. Any ideas of changes are welcome. Most of us, if not all, thought the Runnerś Pavilion was just ideal with the shelter, electricity, kitchen and at the beginning of PISP. Everyone did a pretty good job of cleaning up what they brought, but remember to take all your belongings with you- serving spoons, picnic supplies, etc, to spare someone else needing to deal with it.