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Fall paddle on French Creek with Rog

September 29, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

French Creek Kayak with Rog-Scroll Down and hit the Next button to view slide show and read the story below

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It was a super day for paddling on one of our favourite creeks. 12 SWBs including Bob. B., Milt, Lynne, Bob S., Brenda, Steve, Matt, Jeanie, Annette, Y/T, Denise, and Alice took advantage of the cooler weather to get out and play. At 2.1' the water level is about as low as it gets for an enjoyable trek. Most of us knocked the moss off our bottoms in the shallow sections but only one paddler took a hike. No names here, but Alice helped with the shuttle. Daryl, a non paddler, was the driver of the second vehicle. Thanks Annette for sharing your hubby with us. Milt was the point man and those who followed his line had no trouble with rocks.The only wildlife spotted was an eagle pointed out by Milt. A lovely early dinner was enjoyed by most of us at Willie Gs' after our splendid day, By splendid, I mean that nobody swam. -Rog