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The Pumpkin Ride

October 30, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

The Pumpkin ride-Scroll Down and hit the Next button to view slide show,read the story below.

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The Pumpkin Ride I met Paul W at the County Y on 6N. We rode to Forrest drive to get away from the Traffic on 6N. We Then rode through the Edinboro Campus using Scott Road and South Perry Lane. We then rode to The Countryside Farm Market. They have a great selection of Bulk foods, Baked Goods, Fresh Fruit, etc.

We then took Drakes Mill Road to Plank Road. We then took Plank Road to Skelton Road to look for Tobin Vegetables. We arrived at the normal location of Tobin Vegetables, but it was not there anymore. We were told by an employee of Locke's Custom Meats they have moved to the next dirt road (T847) on Plank Road. So we turn around and went back on Plank Road.

We then saw the sign to Tobin's Vegetables Farm. It was smaller than the other location. But they still have a big selection of Pumpkins and other vegetables. We then took the dirt road to Blystone Road which Penny's Cider Gifts is located. We then stop there and checked out her store.

We then Took Blystone Road to route 99 that took us back to Edinboro.